Heroic city, heroic people
Wuhan’s victory would lead to the victory of Hubei and the whole country. Thanks to all the arduous efforts, Hubei and Wuhan have gained a sound momentum in epidemic control and achieved early results. However, it’s still not a time for break as the tasks still remain tough. As long as the whole country continues to stay sober-minded and keeps fighting on, it will definitely safeguard Wuhan and Hubei, as well as secure the final victory over the disease.
Wuhan has matured from the sprawling convergence of three independent cities to central China's main industrial and commercial centre. While there's not much in the way of cultural sites, Wuhan is a major transport hub so you may find yourself here for a night or two.

Yellow Crane Tower
The Yellow Crane Tower on the edge of the Yangtze River, the first of the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River, and the poems written by countless famous poets, naturally become the landmark and cultural card of Wuhan. To Wuhan, you have to go to the Yellow Crane Tower.
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge
Train running on the bridge, across the vast Yangtze River, if the night, feel is the river's quiet and quiet, only the little lights looming on the river.
Night view of Jiangcheng
When night falls, you can take a cruise in Wanli Yangtze River and its largest tributary Hanjiang River to feel the river breeze. You can not only enjoy the cultural and historical scenic spots and modern ancient buildings on both sides of the Strait, but also enjoy the mutual reflection of colorful lighting and high-rise buildings, and fully experience the broad mind of the Yangtze River and the beautiful scenery of Wuhan.
Lotus Pond Grand Hotel, Huagong science park, Donghu New technology development zone, Wuhan City, Hubei province

Tianhe International Airport of Wuhan:
Route 1 : Take Taxi(1.5h~2h)
Route 2 : Take Metro Line 2 to Xiuhu Station. Then Walk 20 mins to Hotel
Take 405(“Guanggu Square, Minzu Avenue to Buddha Ridge”, “Dongyuan West Road”)
Take 785(“Guanggu Square, Minzu Avenue” to “Li Miao Primary School, Huandao Road”)
Take 789(“Guanggu Square, Luoyu Road” to “Buddha Ridge, Dongyuan West Road”)
Take 903 (“Luoyu Road Guanggu Square” to “Jiangxia Avenue Bus Parking Lot”)
Take 755 (“Guanggu Square, Luoyu Road” to “Huanong Chutian College”)