Prof. Xie Fei

Nanjing Normal University
He received his doctor‘s degree. Now, he is an associate professor and a master's tutor of the Institute of Electrical and Automation Engineering and a part-time member of China Automation Society, China Inertial Technology Society, Jiangsu Artificial Intelligence Society, and Jiangsu 3D Printing Society. For many years, he has been engaged in research in the fields of machine vision and image processing, machine learning, and depth learning, robot 3D modeling and intelligent perception, multi-source navigation, and positioning, data fusion, and processing, embedded system development, etc. He presided over 1 National Natural Science Foundation, 1 Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, 1 general project of Jiangsu University Natural Science Foundation, and 1 school-level educational reform project. As a major member, he participated in several horizontal and vertical scientific research projects such as the 12th Five-Year Plan pre-research project, the State Grid sub-project, the National Key Research and Development Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation General Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Youth Fund Project, the Nanrui Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Project, and the AVIC Industry-University-Research Project. He has published more than 30 academic papers (including more than 10 SCI journal papers and more than 10 EI journal papers), applied for and authorized more than 20 national invention patents, and applied for 10 software copyrights, and serves as a reviewer of multi-SCI journals.